Dream Jungle

Dwight Loop - keyboards, electronics, atmospheres, drum programming, production & mastering

Loop began recording and performing as Dream Jungle in 2006 with the initial release of "Lucid" in 2008. Dream Jungle was started to realize the tribal, trance electronic music in Dwight's rhythmic and shamanic soul. Loop has been performing and composing ambient, experimental and new electronic music since 1979. Dwight's Dream Jungle release is another expression of this tribal electronic groove and trance music! Full Bio Here. The live Dream Jungle tribe includes Taressa Bell, Ken Becker, Teerth Gonzalez, Julia Harrell and Michael Kott and other guest artists.

Taressa Bell - chants, vocals

Growing up in a musical family, Taressa revealed her unique and versatile vocal gifts early on. Her exotic melodies, six octave range and flexible intonations recall the legendary Yma Sumac as well as lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance.

Taressa first toured as a solo musician presenting her compositions from the heart in venues throughout the world from campfires and caves to cathedrals and concert halls. Many knew her as "Angelsong," a name given by her most devoted listeners, later becoming the name of her six piece band co-inspired with Ramana Das and celebrated in the Bay Area in the 1980s.

She then spent many years exploring the healing effects of the voice, performing sacred sound ceremonies with Karma Moffett and the group Himalayan Bells. She used her broad vocal range - from Gyoto Monk lows to beyond-the-beyond highs - to create soothingly attuning sound frequencies and rich harmonic overtones melding with the golden resonance of Tibetan bells and bowls.

Also, since the 80s, she's been doing kirtans, concerts and recordings with Bhagavan Das of Be Here Now. Together their voices interweave to create a beautiful blend of shiva shakti energy-inspiring transformative ecstatic experiences. She has continued this legacy with many other kirtan bands.

In 1998, she was involved with the bands Trance Goddess and Dakini. This led to the envisioning, with Penny Slinger Hills, of the Goddess Frequency Band - with whom she performed, recorded and videographed extensively from 1998-2001 - channeling the divine feminine from the Goddess Temple to the high desert of Burning Man.

For the past five years, Taressa has been presenting monthly Music Meditation Concerts with cellist/bassist Ken Becker and multi-instrumentalist Jeffrey Palmer at Harbin Hot Springs. She also performs and records with world-trance-fusion band Serendeep, as well as with Bless, a trio with Ken Becker (cello) and Windham Hill recording artist Lisa Lynne (Celtic harp).

Throughout her ongoing journey as a sound healer, Taressa's every tone is graced with the full intention of evoking divine frequencies to assist in clearing and healing, awakening us all into deeper love, joy and peace.

Taressa began collaborating with Dwight Loop on the Dream Jungle project in late 2006.

CDs of Taressa's work with all of the above artists and others are available upon request at taressabell@earthlink.net.

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Dream Jungle "Lucid"

with Taressa Bell, vocals

CD art by Amani Friend

Dream Jungle: Lucid


Dream Jungle "Tree Spirits" (NEW 2010 release)

Dream Jungle: Tree Spirits


Dream Jungle "Red Night"

Dream Jungle: Red Night

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"Two Ears - One Mind"

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