Dream Jungle "Lucid" (2008) with Taressa Bell, vocals

CD Art by Amani

Dream Jungle "Lucid" is the electronic-ambient-groove music of Dwight Loop along with featured vocalist Taressa Bell. This is the debut release of Dream Jungle with Bell and the first Dream Jungle CD on Third Ear.

Bell's channeled trance chants and ecstatic vocal incantations rise over the endless landscapes of rhythms and textures of Dwight's electronica. Each song takes the listener on a trance-journey..... with its own intention and sonic imprint.

You'll never hear anything quite like Dream Jungle...take a journey into the mystic imagination and uncharted mystery.

Dwight Loop www.dwightloop.com

What people are saying about "Lucid"?

Steve Roach:

"Chilled body beats and fourth-world undercurrents... Dream Jungle oozes with the transluscent atmosphere of a dusty crimson sunset..coming on in well-proportioned waves as the tribes of modern man spin and twirl into a coil of perfect trance."

John Collinge - Progression Magazine:

"Lucid is chill-out trance music of the highest order...spiritual, seductive atmospheres amidst Loop's skillfully applied electronic palatte of sound and texture...inflections are Eastern, often word-less, otherwordly and siren-like...Loop's rhythms are varied and tasty - visceral..."

Dream Jungle: Lucid


Third Ear Music Site:

"Two Ears-One Mind"

Dream Jungle "Tree Spirits" (2010)

Dream Jungle: Tree Spirits

Dream Jungle "Tree Spirits" is the third trance tribal electronica released 2010 on digital only format from CDBaby.com (see above link)

"Tree Spirits" is a collection of Dream Jungle "basement tapes" culled from Dwight Loop's library from 2005-2009. Upbeat, positive vibrations from these varied cuts. Ambient groove, world influenced electronica. Showcases Dwight's varied musical influences and voicings. Listen to the cuts at CD Baby link above.


Dream Jungle "Red Night" (2009)

Dream Jungle "Red Night" is the second trance tribal electronica release from the mind of producer Dwight Loop. Instrumental deep progressive music. Powerful and resonant modern electronica!

"Red Night" is a journey into a mysterious jungle floor of deep grooves, strong atmospherics and exotic electronics. Mostly instrumental this time around, but includes German chant master Mark Seelig on "Climbing Mt. Buddha", "Red Night" is a masterful exploration of world beats, sequences and treatments.

Dream Jungle: Red Night